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Beyond our own limitations

We can push ourselves beyond our own limits. Testing our own spirit by learning who we truly are. Developing our skill sets by going into the unknown pushing our imagination to dream big.

We are becoming our own true self, letting the universe guide us along the way. Feeling the world of the universe in our steps, opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

When we are moving into our next experience. Listening to our spirit’s guidance, taking a leap of faith by coming to the edge. We are finally learning to free ourselves from the world of the ego.

Becoming the trailblazer by transforming into the beautiful butterfly. We are the genius that can save ourselves. Our imagination is essential for us to finally improve our lives.

Believing in us is critical, no one can save you if you are not doing it. When you are doing the first step to change your life for the better, the  universe will do ten steps toward you.

It is amazing when you are watching the miracles unfolding in  front of you. Being happy and humble when you are going through the process. Always being thankful for everything you have and what has not yet materialized.

Feeling the blessings of the universe upon us even during dark times.  Knowing that nothing will stay as is but understanding we are a story in motion. Having the faith to get going one more step when we have had enough.

Reaching deep inside of us to finally find the strength to continue on our journey. I have faced so many challenges in my life, I had to transform the rage inside of me and redirected It to love so I could do one more step.

Pushing myself beyond the limits I had, learning to not give up on my dreams. It might take a decade or even five to get where we need to be but it is worth the pain, betrayal and disappointments to finally reach our ultimate dreams and goals.

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