My true spirit

My spirit is on fire, ready to dance in the street like I am at the carnival do Brazil. I am happy, I am riding the flow of the universe. Ready to create miracles in my life and the lives of others.

My creativity has no limits, I am ready to run a marathon. I feel the flow of freedom in my steps. The pups are resting, they have been playing a lot lately. Enjoying the extra walk, we have taken.

We are like the phoenix rising from our ashes, ready to lead our lives to the fullest. My beautiful spirit is on fire to unleash my imagination to create a better world.

A better life for my little ones, sharing the love and joy of the universe around me. I am feeling the flow of the universe in me. Seeing myself moving like the ballerina across the stage.

Lighting my steps as I am elevating my energies. I am humbled by the universe connection and finally seeing positive changes in my life. I am grateful for the heartaches I have gone through.

From the ultimate betrayal to the deceptions I have experienced.  My golden heart has protected my beautiful spirit from a harsh childhood faced by the reality of an unfair world to the ultimate darkness that will challenge my faith in the universe and humanity.

I have found refuge in my imaginary world but also in the comfort of my pets that actually show me what unconditional love has taught so much more. I have found the peace by becoming my true spirit despite of what the ego world had to say.

I have listened to my spirit and kept going even in times of darkness. I have leaned on the shoulders of the universe to walk by my side and helped me to keep faith I was on the right path.