A little fun for Miss Dot

Another day full of adventure! From getting my exercise by lifting flooring boxes and taking up upstairs one at the time. I was happy when I was done for sure but at least I did my cardio with 33 boxes. The fun is yet to come when I will start to install the flooring in the entire house. More trips to the warehouse to get more of the flooring will come soon enough I will not need to do another workout that day.

But I think the end of day was even better, I went outside with the pups so they could enjoy the crazy air we were currently experiencing. While we were outside a turkey appeared wanting to cross the street. Miss Dottie went crazy wanting to hunt down the bird. But fortunately, it is a protected species how much damaged they do to plants. I had to make sure Miss Dot was near me on the lead. As she saw the bird crossing the street it kind of threw both of them off.

So, our trip outside was shortened.  I took them back home and luckily Miss Dot did not realize the bird was hiding behind some branches. We went home Miss Dot ran in the guest bedroom scanning with her fierce eyes outside trying to spot the turkey. As I was laughing watching her getting intense, I walked away but somehow my spirit decided to play a little trick on her.

I went upstairs, Mac followed me, and she soon did the same thing. I just looked at her and said, “turkey where is the turkey?” She looked at me and started to run downstairs to check if she could find it. Then proceeded to run back upstairs straight to the window. So as the little devil I am, I pointed out the hallway, she starts to run around the entire house like she was racing for her life.

I was laughing so hard; I did play the trick a few times then tried to calm her down while Mac was already settled on the ottoman while I was able to sneak on to the couch. You got to love it. I am going to use this trick once in a while because it was too good to not do it!