Being fair in our lives

What a day, what a day it has been, full of surprises. From discovering the internet bill was increased without notice to a contract bills that wanted more than service render. It was an interesting start of the day. It would have been a frustrating day if my spirit would not have been on the flow to make things happened.

From calling the phone company directly to start negotiations with them for some kind of a deal. It turns out that at the end of the conversation, instead of getting a price increase I ended up with a base price and rebate for life if I do not change my services. This makes it even cheaper, on a monthly basis, from what I use to pay.

To negotiate a fair price from my contractor was exactly what I wanted. I have been blessed by the way I handled it. Instead of screaming and being disrespectful on the phone to the customer service employee I successfully obtained more services than I was thinking I would just by being kind and respectful.

Sometime when we are in the midst of a storm we can lose our calm and start to become negative but when you are upset, sometimes by laughing and being pleasant makes people more than happy to help you. It has been a good day to see miracles happening when everything looked grim at first.

It also was a great reminder that we can do more than what we thought we could when we let the universe enter our lives. I am grateful and humbled the universe was by my side during that time. I was asking for their help to get a fair outcome, which I did.

I do approach life in a different way by letting the universe be part of my journey. I am always surprised when by doing that I get more than I was expecting.