Hopping on the flow of the universe

It is playtime from playing tricked on Miss Dot to dancing in the living room. Having fun speaking with people while my mischievous spirit is on the driver seat. It is a fun day when you can light up a little and start to infuse fun in your life.

We are spending so much time behind our computers. Listening to a world that always has to bombard us with so many hateful things that can become overwhelming at times.

So instead of watching the news I am just opening YouTube and playing music so I can light up my steps and let it lose. Not worrying how silly it might look, because after all, letting it loose is to let our spirit come out.

Not taking ourselves seriously but just becoming our inner child again. Feeling the energy inside of us moving. When we are taking the time for us, we can finally ground ourselves.

Creating a new flow of perfect synchronicity. Living our lives to the fullest is to embrace each side of our spirit. Not worrying about tomorrow but learning to be present in our lives.

It is a journey of a lifetime we are on. We can feel at times the world is upside down while other times we are feeling in perfect synchronicity. Becoming appreciative to be in the present moment.

We do not have to try to push or rush, everything will come in its own time. Feeling the love of the universe upon us. Learning to stay connected with the universe can be challenging when the world of the ego is nagging at us.

When we learn to turn off the illusion of our ego, we can finally listen to our spirit guiding us on the right path. Being able to finally materialize our wildest dreams. Hopping on the flow of the universe to live our lives to the fullest. Hopping on the flow of the universe to live our lives to the fullest. Embracing who we truly are.