The flow of the universe

The pups are crashing right now. We have taken our last walk of the day with Miss Bella, another pup that is more than happy to set the pace for the pups. The weather is beautiful. We do not have to deal much with mosquitoes right now which made our walk a little better from the past couple of months.

As they are asleep, I am able to get the popcorn ceiling in the meditation off. This was easy to remove without any dust. It is ready for primer tomorrow.  This is inspiring as I will only count 2 more rooms that need to be done.

As I am looking at how much I have done in the house for the past few months I am happy I am almost done with the ceiling project. Next project will be more fun which is installing new flooring.

The thoughts of removing the carpets to finally install a flooring that would be better for the pups and it makes all the efforts I have been doing right now even sweeter.

When you are able to see the fruits  of your our own efforts when you are done with your own projects, it helps us to finally realize patience is a virtue even if we can feel at times we just want to call it quits.

Our inspiration guides us to go beyond our own expectations when we are willing to go into the unknown. As the night is finally taking over, I can hear the frogs singing. I can feel the breeze in the house as the windows are wide open. It is a peaceful moment, a moment of reflection while I am unwinding from this busy day.

I am happy everything is moving quickly, as it should. When you are in synch with the universe your live becomes easier!