No dull moment

As I am moving on to my next project, the bathroom ceiling. I am finally taking a break from finishing the kitchen today I am exhausted. It has been a race to finish this one before I can get all the ceilings down prior to installing the flooring.

In the meantime, as I am taking a break, I am hearing a slight noise that doesn’t come from the bedroom but my office. I think Miss Dottie is at it again! Trying to steal another paint roller. Like a mama who knows her kid is currently opening the carton of milk ready to drink directly from it instead of using a glass. I am calling her without moving from my seat.

She arrives briefly hearing her name, her ears down ready to be talked to. I just looked at her and walk to the office to see what she had potentially tried to take on her own. She actually, did not have enough time to do her little naughty deed.

So, I am giving her a “get out of jail” free time! She is my little troublemaker she has taken a likening to the brand-new paint rollers even though she has plenty of toys to chew on she is now taking my own supplies to make them hers. Now I have to be careful making sure she doesn’t try to chew on it.

Like a kid I need to keep an eye on her especially when she is not around me. There are no dull moments in my house. Too much fun in this household, we are not bored at all. There is always something that will be happening like realizing you are not the owner of your own couch when the pups are sleeping on it and you are actually sitting on the ottoman with a pillow to support your back writing your own blog.