Our amazing journey

Being able to write has helped to put into words what I wanted to share with the universe. But also sharing my life in a way that would have not been possible if I did not have my blog. Those stories are meant for people to realized they are not the only ones who have gone through trials and tribulations.

I am unconventional in the way I think. Learning at a young age to figure out how to resolve my own issues. Being able to adapt and thrive when most people would be afraid to step forward.

I have learned to be bold in my moves but also seeing the bigger picture even if at the beginning when everything was chaotic. If we are going with the flow, we might see why we are going into that direction. Or we might not be able to see the bigger picture right away.

With patience and understanding we are going to come out of our situation in a better position than when we started. I do recall I wanted to change my flooring for years but the last time I talked about it, which was a few weeks ago with a friend of mine. I wanted someone that could do it with me.

The universe is always listening by way of perfect synchronicity. Sometimes in order to do that, the universe will create the perfect storm that will bring you not only the help you need but the means as well. It could come in the form of money for you to purchase what you need or even better, people that will come into your life and support you in your journey.

Letting the magic of the universe into our lives so the resources you need are available at the right time. We have so much more to be blessed about when we are on our own journey.