Our challenges

I can finally see the end of the kitchen remodeling project. I only have to do the faux sponge and add the light fixture to call it done! What an adventure! From a contracting company that was not on the top of their game to me stepping outside of the box to become an active participant in that endeavor doing 95 percent of the work myself.

It is only the warmup, the testing ground to do the other rooms’ ceilings. Removing the popcorn ceiling is an adventure on its own but it is rewarding to see the result of the labor. At the end of this adventure that went sideways, it has been a great opportunity to do a project that I wanted done for years but also started another one as well.

When we are willing to open our minds and see the potential even though we might be feeling full of anger when things are not going well. We might as well learn to improvise and become the student of life by going messy.

Learning how we can do things by expending our horizons. It might seem crazy at times but when we are willing to step into the unknown, we are opening the door to infinite possibilities. Having people entering our lives to help us along the way.

You might be surprised how many hidden skills can be discovered when we are willing to take “les chemins the traverses” letting ourselves be guided by our spirit.

At the end of the day we are discovering the better part of us. Understanding we are being challenged for our highest good. Learning so much more about our own self in times of trials and tribulations. Being able to see the bigger picture even if we are still unhappy about how things have unfolded.