Moving towards the next season

As we are winding down from a hot summer, we can finally enjoy some cooler days. Indian Summer has open its arms before we have to say goodbye to the warm weather.

Every year it feels like a dance we do not want to be part of……walking toward the colder weather. We are never prepared for the difficult time It takes to adjust to the harsh conditions that our bodies are going to endure with the challenges Mother Nature has in store for us.

Having to watch out for the pups during the cold weather making sure they are going to wear their little booties. It is going to be great to see them walking awkward or even having miss Dot standing on the top of the stairs, waiting for me to lift her up. So, she can travel down the stairs in style “aka in my arms. Even though they do not find it fun to wear them it has been a life saver for them especially with the ice and salt to protect their paws.

I will also make sure I have a new pair of spikes so I can walk safely while the pups are enjoying the snow. It was fun last year to see them enjoying the first snow ever.

Will see if they are going to be as wild and crazy or slowdown a little. I will make sure to take my phone and record their new adventures. We are here to find some fun and love amongst a world of chaos.

Being able to enjoy more peaceful times and create a space when you are feeling whole again. Having the pups around has been good and challenging at the same time.

Always watching Miss Dot to see what else is she going to do when she is stressed out. Finding the peace in our hearts to be happy and whole by living a fuller life.