My circle of light

The most amazing part of my journey has been meeting people who have changed my life. From my uncle, who is my mentor, I would not have had the inspiration to keep on dreaming when I wasn’t able to see anything if it wasn’t for him. It gave me hope to stay connected with him, we were always in sync. My uncle gave me the inspiration to follow my path.

I do recall when we were together, we could seat next to each other for hours without speaking. Our spirits would do the conversation, I always knew we understood each other. He was actually the only one who understood me, while the rest of my family thought I was nuts. I never felt connected with anyone else in my family other than him. He passed me the baton when he came back home from years of traveling showing me how to do it.

As I moved on in my journey, I started my circle of light. Slowly but surely people came into my life for a moment or the long haul. The other important person who has entered my life I would always remember that day. It was early in the morning when I was going into the office, the other person that was there was my beautiful Grande Duchesse. I knew when I saw her the first time, she would be in my life. I recognized her beautiful spirit.

She was looking at me like I was a little crazy, but she warmed up to me and we had so much fun. Laughing, dancing, singing it was so much fun. Imagine at 5:00 AM in the morning laughing so hard I almost wet myself several time. It was so much fun, we just had to look at each other and we would start to laugh. I will one day talk about the infamous blue bird story. This one was so good I am still laughing now..

I have never meet someone that had such a beautiful spirit and who has adopted me as being part of her family. I have a deep love for my Grande Duchesse. She is as much a part of my life; her wit and candor has been an inspiration. She is someone that will be part of my life for a longtime. I am blessed to have both in my life. Even how busy we are becoming or in time of uncertainty I would always cherish them. My love to them is unconditional.