My journey, my life

What really scared me when I was younger, was that I would be stuck where I was forever, when I felt deep in my core this life wasn’t mine. I was feeling despair in my heart when I saw I was going nowhere.

I had to go through the daily motions by going to school and learning to live in a new apartment with the Little One. I felt trapped in the middle of the concrete jungle. I had lost the view of the beautiful countryside, it was traded in for the noise of the cars, other traffic, and polluted air.

I hated being trapped in that world, I felt I was suffocating. I had no idea how I could get out of the situation. I had no idea of how much I could take of this either. I wasn’t happy and in addition, I entered into a bad relationship which did not help the entire situation.

I wasn’t listening to my spirit anymore.  Instead I was on the path of self-destruction emulating a life that wasn’t mine. I felt I would never get out of there; I was doomed to stay there. I was horrified by the thoughts of not being able to break free.

As I was pushing my mind to continue to dream of a world that seemed so far from reach, I kept going, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I started to make the changes to transform my life by changing my appearance, cutting my hair short.

I started my transformation one step at a time until the door of opportunity opened, and I could take that leap of faith that would lead me where I am today. It took years and time, but I was able to make it.

My biggest lesson was this….to not give up on my dreams regardless of my outer conditions.