Expanding our horizon

I am inspired today, finally the flooring in the bathroom is going to happen! After 3 months of waiting to get the supplies in. I am going to send the pups back to happy doggy land for another day to have fun at doggy day care!

I am at least starting to see the end of the bathroom project. I will only have to anchor the cabinet before I can replace, with the help of a friend, the new sink. In one way I am blessed to have in my bloodline a grandfather and a father who were builders. It did not skip a generation to be handy!

Using my abilities to be handy I am doing projects that most people would be afraid to tackle. From converting a popcorn ceiling to a flat. Using different faux painting technique to redo a bathroom. I have used my skills and expanded them by thinking outside of the box.

As a young child through my adulthood I have learned to rely on myself to get things done. We were living an isolated life and had to deal with everything on our own. Because I always was a curious child, I have learned a lot from people around me.

I have continued this through my entire life, we are students of life. The world is our playground there are no limits on what we can learn. From the bench at school to the working environment or even from the internet, by watching YouTube channels that can teach us how to do things.

We have so many possibilities, we only have to step into the adventure that is our lives and get going. So why not start today? It doesn’t mean you have to redo a bathroom or an entire house but a small step to learn something new. That will trigger the fire in you to continue to expand your horizon.