Moving forwards in our lives

Praying for better days when we are in the middle of the chaos, learning to swallow our pride when we are being taught a lesson. Refusing to give up on our dreams when the walls are closing in on us.

Those situations are part of the process that helps us to grow and mature. This is part of the painful process to become who we are meant to become. It might feel like we are drowning, not being able to keep ourselves afloat while watching others skating gracefully in their lives.

We have to learn to stay focused on our path and continue to steer ourselves in the right direction. The world has so much more to offer when we are letting go of the past, walking into the unknown, pushing ourselves beyond what is acceptable. Through these hardships we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It might be a glimpse of what is to come, encouraging us to continue to move forward. The signs are here to help us to becoming who we truly are. Pushing ourselves to a new space, to a new experience.

We have what it takes to become the magician in our own life. To finally elevate ourselves to a new dimension, a new experience. Focusing on our own life’s purpose while learning to live in a world of chaos.

Balancing our own emotions while keeping ourselves grounded. Not giving up on our bold dreams but keeping on pushing our own boundaries further and further. We can become the trailblazer we are dreaming to become. It takes a lot of determination and strength to make the right changes for our highest good. All the tears and heartbreak we are going through it well worth it when we can finally reach the other side.

We can continue to move forward in our lives with a lighter step when we finally realize this is all about our life’s purpose and learn to co-create with the universe.