Being open to changes

Being grateful for what we have is what keeps us grounded. I am amazed by the amount of goodness coming into my life. Even if the road I am walking on is not that easy I am humbled to see the miracles unfolding in front of me.

I only have to keep my eyes and mind open to the beauty of the world. Ensuring that my thoughts are keeping on positivity. Letting the universe know what I would like to co-create, being open to welcome the bounty I am harvesting.

Minding my own business has taught me to stay focused on my dreams and goals. Not letting anyone rain on my parade but welcoming the changes that are so needed. Letting perfect synchronicity work its magic.

When you are learning to co-create with the universe you are learning to let the universe work its magic. Not interfering during the process is essential especially when the universe has its birds’ eye view and we don’t.

Having to realized there is something bigger than us that can guide us safely in our journey. Keeping the hope and faith that will open up the doors of infinite possibilities. Nothing is impossible if we are willing to do what it takes to support our dreams in a positive way.

It doesn’t mean we have to take shortcuts to get what we want, but instead let our spirit open those wonderful doors for us. Learning to tap into the infinite possibilities that are waiting for us. Doing the journey that requires us to grow and mature.

Keeping ourselves humbled in that journey, becoming a kid again to continue to dream big and bold. Letting our inner child play will help us to ease the stress of walking into the unknown. We can do so much more when we are open to welcome the magic of the universe into our lives.