The essence of me

Feeling the pressure of the illusional world on our shoulders, we might want to try to fit in. Thinking if we are becoming part of the robot’s world, we are going to be liked by everyone. When in fact it is only an illusion.  Trying to conform to something we are not starts to dim the light that is our spirit.

Becoming the shadow of our own self and like a ghost, we are becoming invisible to the world. The essence of us has become like a shadow of our own self. We are not the active participant in our own life.

Instead we have given our powers to the illusional world and its tantrums. I have always been a rebel in my own way. I never wanted to fit into something I felt wasn’t true to my spirit.

I have had unconventional ways to express myself but like a hurricane I have pushed beyond the limits that were there to throw me off course. I have decided to move forward in my life despite objections from my own entourage.

I have listened to my spirit, feeling the despair in my heart when I felt the walls were closing in on me. It was difficult at times to feel stuck where I was when I only wanted to break free.

Seeking my happy ending when darkness was surrounding me. Making mistakes when my spirit was telling me to do not go there. Being accountable for the faux pas I have made.

Learning to forgive myself for letting my ego have a temper tantrum. Hurting myself to feel I was a live, feeling alone on the path I had chosen. Becoming the best and worst part of myself at times.

To finally make peace with myself, learning to heal my heart and forgiving myself for my own mistakes. To finally becoming whole again, understanding I am the essence of my spirit. I can create a world of peace when I am in perfect equilibrium.