Our lives part 3

The pups are still sleeping right now, so they have no idea, yet they are going to be leaving for a day of fun at doggy camp. I am looking forward to spying on them via the video cam.

It is always fun to watch them playing with other dogs. It is also a great break to not have them at home. It gives me time to focus on other things. Mac doesn’t like when I am working on my laptop so at times, he would just try to put his head on my lap.

Or even push my laptop off my lap as a sign it is enough time online. Wanting more attention for him. Watching them both growing up the past year has been a blessing and challenging at the same time.

But we have all bonded and I would not have thought it would have had happened this way. Having a lot of fun with them, every day there is something new. It is not a boring life, instead it has become an adventure on its own.

As they are growing up, I can see their personality coming to life. From Mac putting his paws on my wrist while I am writing this blog, to Miss Dot sleeping a foot from us.

Those are precious moments that make beautiful memories. We all have our good and bad days but when you think how far they have come it is great to see they have settled in a life that gave them an opportunity to grow and flourish.

I have learned to grow with them while we became a family unit. They are now part of the world I am living in. Giving them the love and attention, they need even at times when they are driving me crazy.

There is not one day when I am not laughing at some of the silly things they are doing. They brought me joy and happiness, brighten my life when darkness was surrounding me.