The pups

Sending the pups to doggy daycare is the best thing ever.. even though I love them sometimes I need a break from them. Having peace in the house is essential so I can recharge my batteries while they are running with other dogs all day long.

By the time they come back home they are so tired I can continue to work without any disruptions. It will take a couple of days before they have fully recovered from their trip to the doggy daycare but at least I will have some quiet time.

While the little ones were having fun, I was focused on painting the ceiling. It turned out that color looks good, but I need something else to add a little more kick to it. In order to find the right color, I need to let my imagination connect with my spirit.

But right now, I am watching both of them sleeping while I am writing. As mother nature is changing rain has replaced sunny days. The temps are dropping quickly even though we are not yet used to that. We still want to feel the warmth of the evening upon us.

It is time to start to switch from air conditioning to the furnace. I still have to decide on the color of my ceiling using the sponge technique to make it more interesting. I am also looking forward to watching the neighborhood turning more festive with the changing of the colors of the leaves.

The feeling of the holidays is not far away either. It is going to be the second year for the pups to celebrate some well-deserved holidays. The question is still remaining, should I have some decorations or not. With Miss Dot I am never sure if she would jump into the Christmas tree and take it down like a WWE championship match!

Again like the wise man said “I will play by ear and see how she is behaving”.