Making the right choices in our lives

Making choices in our lives is to listen to our spirit to guide us in times of uncertainty. When someone comes into your life with an opportunity that seems too real to be true you have to be willing to listen to that person carefully.

I always found it very useful to take a step back afterwards so I could get a bigger picture of what was in front of me. Especially playing back the conversation that just happened, with that new opportunity, that sounded so good.

In my mind, watching the person talking again to see who they truly are. Sometimes when you are faced with a smooth talker you do not capture everything because you are more intrigued by their stories than their body language.

When you are replaying everything in your mind you can get a more detailed play by play, but this time focusing on the overall picture. Listening closely to your spirit that will provide you with the correct feedback.

If an opportunity is right for you after you have taken the time to step back and listen to your spirit, then you have to just move forward and go with it. However, if this is not for your highest good, make sure you are taking the steps to walk away.

It might not be easy to do that, but you know if the situation is not for your highest good it is best to learn to avoid the pitfalls. There is no need to feel badly when we are walking away from it. Instead we can feel a weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

When we know what is for our highest good, we can finally make the wisest decision that will help us to continue to navigate the raging river that is our life.