A world of wonders

As the season of fall is approaching, the temps are finally falling into cooler and crisper fresh air. The leaves are starting to turn yellow and red. I love fall weather, it is a great time to change the decorations in the house and set up Halloween in the garden.

It is a fun time to start to be cooking more earthy warm food. Enjoying a day at a time. Continuing to focus on the remodeling to create a new faux ceiling impression.

It is always fun to feel we are doing something that inspires us. Nothing is more powerful than living our life to the fullest. Even on a budget we can find some creative ways to do things.

From refurbishing the kitchen cabinets instead of changing them. Using our own creativity and imagination to finally create something different. We can always search on the net what we can do to improve our own house.

We do not have to spend thousands of dollars on something we can do ourselves. Having faith, we can always be open to create something that will be perfect.

It is always rewarding to go through the process. When we are done with our projects it makes us realized we can do so much more. Again, it is up to us to decide to use our own creativity and expending our skill sets to finally let our own creative mind work.

When you let your imagination run free you are becoming more in tune with your own spirit. We have so much more to offer that will serve not only us but the world.

Being open to peel off each layer of our spirit to discover our true self. Letting our imagination wander to finally co-create a world of beauty and wonder. Having spent my time to let my own creative mind co-create a world of wonders I am delighted.