Following our dreams part 2

Opening our mind to take the leap of faith can be scary but if you don’t you will miss out on your true life. I do recall when we lost our childhood house, we had to move into an apartment in the middle of the city.

I wasn’t a city girl… more a countryside one that loved the peace and quiet. Listening to nature and wandering in the countryside in the middle of farmland.

It was a great time even though we were not rich at all, my parents were struggling to makes ends meet. We did not have much, but I always felt safe in that house. Until my world got turned upside down.

I always dreamed of leaving that place that wasn’t mine. My uncle, who traveled around the world, would share stories about his trips. These gave me the inspiration to dream.

At times when I would feel my spirit was down, I would replay the conversations I had with him. He also was an avid photographer, watching all the pictures he shared with me would give the jolt I needed to continue to fuel my imagination.

It helped me when we moved to that two-bedroom apartment with the little one. We had to readjust to a life that was upside down. Feeling trapped somewhere I did not belong.

I had to go to a safe place which was my imagination and pushing myself to see a better life. So, I kept seeing myself traveling the world, being happy and joyful. Refusing to give up on my deepest dreams.

But the main question was how would I get out of there? I had no idea yet because the world I was living in wasn’t showing me anything. I had to pretend and keep fueling my imagination.

Not willing to give up on what was truly me, but I had to learn to be patient before perfect synchronicity would work its magic!