We are not doing it alone

One of the greatest lessons in life is learning to work together and lean on the support of the people that surround you. From a board of directors’ election to a basketball team. We are learning the greatest and best lessons when we are open to working together. Removing the ego from the equation so we can see the bigger picture. When we are focused on only what we see in front of us we are forgetting to take everything.

By omitting it we will not have the best outcome possible.  Limiting ourselves when the world is full of possibilities. Limiting ourselves is not for our highest good. We have to learn to be part of the world, by learning to let ourselves be part of the community.

When we are doing that, we are being lifted up to overcome any obstacles that we are facing. When you are learning to be part of your own community or even belonging to a team at work you are elevating yourselves.

Learning to connect with each other and do what is best for the project you are working on or improving the community you are living in.

It is a great moment when you realize you do not have to do it alone. Instead you can open yourself up for the greatest good. Those are precious time that make you humble and learning to thank everyone who has helped you.

It is like honey and milk, drinking the sweet nectar and enjoying each sip at the time. Staying humbled on our path, keeping ourselves grounded. Having faith that the universe will prevail, living a life of a thousand.

We have what it takes to be the better part of us when we are willing to take a leap of faith by realizing we cannot do it alone.