Learning to navigate our lives

When we are on the flow, we are riding the wave of our life. Enjoying how we cannot navigate without our spirit, the river that is our life.  We can be surprised when we are able to finally appreciate where we are.

It is an amazing ride when you are realizing you are on that flow. You can feel the support of the universe as you are riding the waves.

It is an exciting and humbling feeling to finally moved on to the next level. When you see the magic of the universe working for you, this is having an experience That cannot be duplicated.

It is overwhelming to finally archive our goals; it is also mind blowing when you are watching how it happened. So, when you are on your journey of a thousand lives be prepared to witness greatness.

Especially when you have been facing challenges after challenges. Keeping an open heart can help us to stay connected with the universe. We are all spirits having a human experience.

We are here to live our lives to the fullest. Learning to be our own spirit will be learning to stay authentic to our true self. We have the capabilities to become who we are meant to be.

By listening to our spirit, we can archive our wildest dreams. We can find the inspiration we need to write a book or even start to paint. We are limitless, when we are finally opening our heart and our mind to let the universe come into our life.

We can expect the unexpected, we can become the better part of us. We can become overjoyed by the kindness the world has for us. We are finally seeing our true self in the beautiful light. Becoming the trailblazers and the wonders of the world because we are unique and beautiful.