Feeling the inspiration of the universe

Feeling the inspiration of the universe in my journey. We have to determine what is best for us especially when opportunities are coming towards us. Keeping our eyes open while listening to our spirit talking to us.

We can figure it out quickly if the opportunities are right for us or not. You could be amazed by the fact that when we do that, we are not falling into the pitfalls of going the wrong way. Often some people will be amazed to realized that when you listen to your own intuition you are finally being able to have that birds’ eye view.

Avoiding the wrong path helps us to stay on track. Living our lives to the fullest is being honest with our own self. We do not have to become what we are not meant to become just being ourselves is enough to be the better part of us.

We can ease our road when we are willing to be an authentic person. Our life is a big puzzle we can pick and choose the pieces we want to put together for our next experience. By becoming the better part of us we are able to focus on our next experience.

Nothing is impossible if we put our mind into it. Our imagination is the most powerful tool we have. When we are open to course correct our path, we are becoming the better part of us.

Facing the world as it is, is hard enough; we do not need to complicate our lives. Instead we should stay focused on our dreams. Pushing our imagination and sending the energy of creativity into the world so the universe can help us materialize it.

When we are inspired, we can conquer mountains, we can overcome everything that comes our way. Becoming the rising stars, we are meant to become.