Leading our lives via our spirit

Being gracious in times of hardship and keeping the faith can be difficult. Staying in a state of grace in the world of chaos is even more challenging. We are on a chaotic ride right now.

From a disruptive world caused by miscommunication to being closed from the world. Thinking we have to make our point regardless of the consequences no matter what! Without even taking the time to hear everyone can be even more stressful.

When you are becoming an observer in your own life you are starting to take a step back. Getting a new perspective on what is actually happening.

Taking the time to bring peace in our lives, not willing to push ourselves away from the world of chaos but instead learning to ride the wave. We have so much more when we become the better part of us.

When we are open to create the magic in our lives, we start by asking the question that is essential. Is this for my highest good? If it is, you will know right away by feeling your heart chakra opening.

If this comes from your ego it will automatically come up from your mind demanding to have it right away. Your heart chakra will close automatically. Feeling you are entitled to something is not for your highest good.

How often have you heard people saying I deserved to be promoted as a manager? I deserved to have a raise because I work hard but in fact they have not done much.

How often have you seen people acting up because they felt it was their right to step over someone else to get something that wasn’t meant for them. Then seeing them acting up because they could not even do the work.

Too often when we are misguided by our ego we are forcing ourselves into situations that never have a happy ending. Instead we are stressing ourselves afraid to lose it all.