Finding our path part 2

Finding the right path when we are at the end of an experience can be daunting. It is not always easy when we are about to change our lives for the better. Going into the unknown is taking a leap of faith and jumping into the unknown.

It might be worrisome to find ourselves in uncharted territory but when we have the universe by our side we are not alone during the time of transition. We can feel confident even when the road we are on is not showing anything familiar.

Not having bearings that will keep our own routine going. Instead we are becoming unsettled by the new adventure to which we have opened the doors. We are ready to adapt to a new experience, shedding our old habits to learn new skills.

Enjoying, while feeling the thrill, to experience something new. We have so much more to offer and become when we are open to feel the creative side of us becoming free when we have the opportunity to co-create with the universe.

Our lives will become easier, our dreams will become bolder. We have so many opportunities that lay in front of us. Why not take the time to become the better part of us? Why not open the doors of pure love and let our creativity guide us along the way?

We have so much more to accomplished when we are willing to open our hearts and let our spirit guide us. Love is always by our side when we are open to let our true self become the leader in our lives.

Embodying the better part of us is living our dreams every single day. We can all emerge from our own ashes to become the rising phoenix. We can become the grounded person in our lives.