Being honest with ourselves

What would it take for us to be happy? What would it take for us to move out of a situation that is not for our highest good? What would it take for us to end a toxic relationship? What would it take for us to take the courage and stand on our own two feet?

When we are willing to be open to ask the tough questions and honestly answering them instead of finding any excuses to deflect the truth. We have the knack to avoid answering the questions that will give us a reality check about our lives.

Who has not closed their eyes on a situation that should have shown them not to take that job or that mate, which would not be for our highest good? When we are not willing to listen to the signs the universe is showing us, we are not helping ourselves at all. Instead we can create more headaches for ourselves when we could have avoided them.

We have to be authentic to our own spirit even if the situations we are facing can be challenging. Learning to co-create with the universe is helping us to become the better part of us.

Going into the unknown and having faith that everything will turn out alright. Being open to accept what is coming our way even if at first it doesn’t look great. You might be surprised when we come with an open mind how much magic we can create.

When you are willing to go into the unknown with our dreams in our hearts, letting the magic of the universe works for us, we are becoming the trailblazers, the magicians that will transform our lives. Becoming the better part of ourselves, embracing every single aspects of our spirit.