The toughest race

I love Bear Grylls! His latest show on Amazon the ECO Challenge in Fiji was the most amazing video binge I did. The teams are composed of four members each, I could not stop watching it from beginning to end.

Not only for the amazing landscape but for the most compelling stories of the contestant 66 teams to go through the grilling challenge to complete a 600 plus Kilometers from water to land in less than 2 weeks.

The story of the contestants would have made you cry, from an Alzheimer member that went through the growling course with the support of his son and mates to two twin sisters that wanted to inspires other Indian’s girl to dream big.

It was also a great lesson for everyone on teamwork, how, through the tough touring they were supporting each other. The rule is if one team member could not continue to race the entire team would be out of the race.

As I was watching it, I was compelled with stories of why they were racing. It was amazing to see those teams from all around the world coming and competing.

I thought also Bear should create one for leaders of companies so they could learn what teamwork is. How do we lean on each other to accomplish each task!

During the race the teams had to retrieved 7 medallions and present them at each check point. Watching them strategize on how they would accomplish each leg of the race was great.

With a team captain, a navigator and the support they had to run, swim, climb, bike and paddle on the water. Through scorching sun, torrential rains they had to learn to push their body and mind further.

It also was a spiritual journey for each one of them. Forced to deal with the unpredictable temper of mother nature. They had to learn to respect mother nature.

It is an amazing race that made you realized as well, we are all on our own journey in a race to open our hearts and let our spirit be free. We are here to become the better part of us.