Opening our hearts

Finishing repainting  the walls in the house brought some fresh new energies. It feels like a new home, I can feel the peace in the house. The previous colors were not that bad but it needed to be updated to who I am today.

Like everything we do in life we are learning and growing. Who we were six months ago is not who are today! We are like the butterfly in the chrysalis changing and evolving until we can free ourselves. This is why we are students of life.We have  the possibilities to reinvent ourselves, we are capable of becoming the better part of us.  We are our spirit if we are willing to open our heart. It might be scary for some of us who have had our heart broken, but in order to become the better part of us we need to trust the process.

We have to learn to have faith in the process and universe, opening our hearts again will require us  to take that leap of faith that will free us. Finally learning to listen to our spirit and becoming the better part of us.

It might be daunting for people to do that but when you know you are here to listen to your spirit you can finally co-create with the universe attracting  what you would like in your life. When you are becoming inspired you are starting to shift your outer condition.

You can change your life for the better. Becoming who you are meant to become, learning to be human and spirit. Balancing your life the way you want, living your life to the fullest.

Becoming the most amazing co-creator, opening the doors to infinite possibilities. Being open to continue to learn. Life has so much to offer and challenging us but when you are working with the universe the road can be easier.