Our own creativity

It is always fun but also creative when we are doing some home project. From cleaning up the garage which might seem boring but discovering what we might have forgotten in the boxes. To painting a faux Tuscany mural in the living room and kitchen.

By doing these kinds of projects it brings a feeling of completing something that boosts our spirit. It is always great to walk in the room and see the finished product of what we have done. When we are taking the same principles and applying them to our dreams, which we would like to materialize, we are starting to become the master of our own destiny.

The first things we need to figure out is what do we want to materialize? The second step is to imagine we already having it by feeling how it feels to actually having it. This is an important step because the feelings we are generating will be sent to the universe.

The universe will receive it and start to put everything together to make it happen. Again, we need to remind ourselves prior to starting to create to ask that question. Is this for my highest good or is it coming from my ego?

If it comes from your spirit, then the universe with the help of perfect synchronicity will make it happen. However, if this comes from your ego it will not come to fruition or you will have it for a moment and will not be able to keep it, no matter how much you want to cling on to it.

I have had experiences a few times, when my ego was leading my life I only faced disappointment, facing rejections or hitting the wall each time I tried to move forward on what my ego wanted. I had to learn to accept this wasn’t for me and walk away. It is not an easy way to live our lives when we are in the middle of the ego world.

When you are finally stepping out of it you can become yourself, listening to our spirit will guide you to uncharted territory.