Learning our triggers

Being happy in our lives starts with the understanding we must live our lives to the fullest. Ensuring to stay centered and grounded in the ever-changing world. Becoming off balance leads us to bingeing on sugar, salt or anything that will temporally mask the issue.

When we are not listening to our bodies, we are not learning to take care of ourselves. No one can help us if we are not able or willing to recognize our own triggers.

When we understand what makes us tick, we can stop ourselves in our own tracks. We do not need to fall into the rabbit hole, instead we can stop and step back.

Opening our mind and centering ourselves. This kind of practice is helpful in our daily lives. We are being bombarded by so many things from news to social media. By reading everything we can find ourselves off center.

We have to learn to walk away to keep our sanity instead of taking everything at face value. We have to learn to care for ourselves by becoming kind to our own spirit.

We are living in a harsh environment that requires us to be gentle with our own self. By learning what our triggers are we are able to shift our energy to stay positive.

This is helpful when we are navigating the raging river that is our life. Often, we feel we are not good enough or we are in competition against someone else when in fact, if we stop letting our ego lead our lives we would find peace and joy for ourselves.

We can learn to co-create a world we would like to live in. We are not being pushed against each other or even feeling we are alone and left behind. Taking the time to be our own self requires us to be living an authentic life via our spirit.