Walking on our own path part 2

When life takes an unexpected turn, we can feel we are out of control. Losing our bearings, not sure of what will happen to us next. Even though during time of uncertainty we should learn to have faith.

Yes! Faith in the process, faith in the universe but foremost faith in ourselves. Believing in ourselves will open the doors to create the miracles in our life. We cannot expect changes to happen if we are not willing to step outside of our own boundaries.

We can discover a new world, a world of endless possibilities. When we finally break the glass ceiling, we have put over our head we can realize we are the master painter. We can create the magic that will transform our lives. We are the alchemist that will change and improve our journey.

We have the potential to bring the most beautiful dreams to reality. So, what are we waiting for? Do we need someone to save us when in reality we can save ourselves?

Why should we be counting on someone when in reality we have what it takes to do it? It might require us to learn to co-create with the universe. Learning to have a conversation with them. Asking for their support for everything we need to reach our life purpose but also anything we need on a daily basis.

We are being challenged enough in our daily lives, so learning to navigate the flow with the support of the universe is the best way to be in our lives. We have to believe in ourselves developing and nurturing our gifts.

Recognizing we are beautiful spirits walking on earth. Following our life purpose while learning to be human. It is challenging enough to find our own life purpose, but we can do it with the support of the universe. We have the support for what will help us to archive our holy ground.