Living our lives being inspired

Being part of a circle of light is powerful. It helps us to co-create and inspires each other. Being part of a group of self-minded people that are here to lift each other. Boosting our spirit by surrounding ourselves with individuals that have our best interest at heart.

Staying honest with our own spirit is challenging enough, especially when our ego is like a little gremlin waiting to infuse some fears. Our ego should not run our lives instead it should be at the service of our spirit.

Often people are letting their ego in the driver seats creating a world of confusion and illusion. We cannot fully live our life to the fullest if we are not willing to let go of our ego. Becoming the best part of us requires us to be honest with our own self.

This is the hardest part of process being authentic and able to recognize when we are taking the wrong path. Listening to our spirit and course correcting our own journey.  We are students of life and everyday there is something new to learn.

Being curious and open to receive what life has to offer. Co-creating with the universe to experience what is best for us. Enjoying our own self by letting our inner child play, becoming the alchemist by letting our imagination free.

Our imagination is the most powerful tool we have, so why not start to use it today to create our tomorrows? What will stop us from becoming the better part of us?

Learning to push beyond the limits to finally rise like the phoenix. Living a life, we always wanted happens when we let go of the illusional world and step into our own path. We have what it takes to make the changes we need. So why not start today?