Making the right changes in our lives

I am enjoying a quiet night with the pups. The only thing I can hear is their snoring. It has been quite a fun few day. From attending three days lives with Colette Baron-Reid. The pups have had a full ear of meditation.

Resetting the balance and peace in the house but also grounding ourselves. It has been an enjoyable full weekend. Juggling between the live event and the pup’s schedule. It has been a great ride, opening the doors to infinite creativity but also a great place to connect with people around the world.

Feeling the inspiration of the universe by listening to the story I am telling. Becoming who we are meant to become by starting to listen to the thoughts playing in our minds.

By changing it we are shifting our life, our outer conditions. Living our life to the fullest is to do an honest inventory of our thoughts. What kind of life we would like to live?

Becoming authentic in our life is to stay open to the possibilities the universe has to offer us. Making sure we are on the right path is to make that leap of faith and believe in ourselves.

When we are pushing beyond our limits, we are discovering what we can accomplish. We can even surprise ourselves by realizing how resilient we truly are. How often have you felt limited in your job or at home?

What did you do? Did you stay in the same job you are in or have you decided to take a leap of faith and change jobs? How often do we feel like we are able to make the right change in our life to finally harvest what we have imagined?

What is stopping you to finally live your life to the fullest? What would it take for you to finally live your life to the fullest?