Choosing our own path

lifeWe all are beautiful spirits, what shapes us can be our outer conditions. This is only temporary if we are willing to see passed our outer conditions. You might ask how can we do that when we are living in a challenging world?

It all comes down to our own imagination, we can create in our mind a world we want to experience. We can ask ourselves how does it feel when we are doing our dream job or when we have the right mate in our lives?

Learning to co-create with the universe is to be open to let our bold dream lead our life. We are not defined by our outer conditions, even if the world of the ego is trying to tell us we are not worthy.

We can try to fight it, or we can ignore it. I chose at a younger age that whatever the tutor told me wasn’t true especially when she stated I was hopeless. If every time I had listened, even for a minute, to everyone who have tried to rain on my parade. I would not be able to have done and travel as far as I have. I would not have turned my world upside down to finally reach my life purpose. I would have lived a life full of resentment or feeling I am missing something in my life. Feeling emptiness in my heart.

Being stubborn helped me to keep my dreams alive, I have never felt more humbled in my life when I saw the universe creating the magic. Watching perfect synchronicity in my life, being open to make the right changes has contributed to where I am today.

We can decide we are not good enough based on the bias of the ego world or we can decide to become extraordinary by letting our imagination create the world we want to live in.