Walking into the unknown

Taking the time to be present in our lives helps us to become the better part of us. Listening to our body and spirit while we are checking on the daily basis how do we feel how is our mode are we happy or sad? Taking the time to center ourselves and recognized when situation are toxics makes our life easier.

Never wait for tomorrow but make today count for everything you would like to accomplish. We are open to live our lives to the fullest, it also requires us to go into the unknown. Being open in the midst of changes that might make us feel uncomfortable for a while.

Keeping focused on our goals, taking one step at a time. When you are in your journey of changes you have to learn to co-create with the universe. Feeling the support along the way in the form of help or perfect synchronicity.

Keeping our thoughts positive even if the outer conditions are not ideal helps us to keep ourselves moving forward. When you are understanding whatever you are thinking might materialize, you become aware of what is playing in your head and that is a broken record.

Not having to listen to the world of the ego but instead becoming your own spirit. Our journey is unique, we are the master of our own destiny. Regardless where we are born, we can create an extraordinary life when we are becoming our own self.

Listening to the wisdom of the universe, being open to hear the messages that help us to navigate the unknown.  When we have faith, we can overcome everything that is coming toward us, never giving up on our dreams even if it takes us decades before we can reach them.

Spending our time in our own garden is to be able to nurture our field of dreams.