Being happy in our lives

We are in the world that is changing at a rapid pace, our lives are being put upside down without any notice. We have to learn to adapt to the new way of life we are now living in.

It is not an easy shift for all of us to do but when we can step back and reconnect with our own spirit, we can find the clarity we need to continue in our journey. Learning to go with the flow by becoming flexible. Not letting anyone rain on our parade.

Learning to keep our own life on track is making sure the people that surround us are here for our highest good. It can come as a surprise when we finally take a step back to do a full inventory of our life. To discover we have grown apart from people, feeling we are not on the same path and it is time to say goodbye. It is better for us to do that instead of living with people that will not support our journey.

We are meant to live a life of joy and happiness. Why add negativity into our life when we do not have to do that at all? When the people that are not for our highest good should be gone.

We can feel the weight off our shoulders, our steps are lighter, and we can finally smile again.

Being able to become who we truly are by being present in our own lives. Not being worried about anyone that would have altered our peace. Instead we are whole again.

We have so much more to accomplish why should we waste our time with people and activities that do not fulfill us? At the end of the day it is our own decision to pursue some avenues that are not for our highest good.

Becoming wiser on choosing the people in our lives will help us to be happy and joyful.