Open our minds to the wonders of the world

Feeling that humanity is in the middle of the chaos is an understatement. We are shifting like the earth trying to find our bearings in the middle of the chaos. As challenging as it is, we can continue to live our lives to the fullest or we can start adjusting our lives to what is currently happening.

It doesn’t mean we should lower our energies instead we should keep our mind, body and spirit aligned. Learning to stay grounded in our lives will help us navigate this time of uncertainty.

We are changing and evolving, our life is a journey of a thousand. Learning to reinvent ourselves as we are becoming the trailblazers. We are capable of reaching our wildest dreams.

Learning to let our inner child free helps us to become a creative being again. Living a life of a thousand is an art on its own enabling us to let our alchemist side of us unleash the magic of the universe in our lives.

Understanding we are not alone in our journey; the universe is here to support us. It doesn’t mean they are going to erase all the life’s lessons we have to learn. They are not going to stop us from taking the wrong turn either.

We have our own free will, but we can still be listening to the wisdom of the world when we are open to becoming one with the universe.

We always are going to be challenged in our own lives, our faith in us and the universe will be tested. In times of uncertainty we need to continue to believe in our spirit.

Knowing the road, we have taken can be course corrected at any given time. Being open to welcome the goodness the universe is sending us. Keeping an open mind and heart in our lives.