Becoming our own self part 2

Dealing with pups is like dealing with kids, you never know what they are going to come up when they become mischievous. From finding a way to open the gate and sneak into the upper level of the house to stalk you by watching you watering the plants outside.

There is always something happening.   It might feel like at times you have the entire Olympic wrestling team in your own living room. Watching them destroying the couch and chairs while chasing each other.

Or everyone would be laying down and snoring until they rise and run again. Life has its up and downs, we can feel at times we are in the flow everything is in perfect synchronicity.

Or we are in the midst of turmoil and have to face changes that are or not expected. Being able to ground ourselves during these challenging times. Walking in the unknown, ready to face what is coming toward us.

Always have the universe by our side, not being worried about tomorrow but ready to accept the help the universe wants to give us.  We are here to be able to learn more about who we are.

Our life mission is part of our journey, with the help of the universe we can overcome our obstacles. Learning to become the better part of us, opening our mind to become limitless.

Discovering the better part of us is going into the unknown to learn who we truly are. This is why we are living a life of a thousand, growing and maturing. Keeping our mind open to see the magic of the world through our own eyes.

Staying positive when darkness is upon us, becoming the wonders of the world by creating miracles. Having faith in our spirit to express our own true self. Becoming the better part of us.