The music in our hearts

The music of our heart is the song we should be listening to every single day. When we are in tune with the universe we are in perfect communion with the world. We can become the most enlightened person in the world.

We are one with our universe, we can continue to co-create when we are finally in synch. Taking ourselves to the next level in our journey. When we are opening our hearts to becoming the better part of us, we are gaining the wisdom the universe wants us to know.

Becoming the better part of us by learning to do the right thing in our lives, letting Karma deal with wrongs that have been done to us. This is essential for us to let the universe settle those wrongs, so we do not waste our time but also attract more negativity into our lives.

Having faith for a better tomorrow requires us to keep our hopes and dreams alive. Even if our outer conditions are less than ideal, we must keep seeing ourselves having archived our goals.

The road might be long for some of us to archive, but it is not out of reach for us to succeed. Keeping ourselves focused on our happiness, believing in our own spirit. We cannot succeed if we do not trust our own spirit. It is challenging to learn to stand on our own two feet when we are being bombarded by everyone’s’ thoughts on what we should do.

But when we listening to our inner voice we are finally on the right path. Our spirit is our compass that will always guide us to safety. Learning to quiet our mind to finally hear the voice of wisdom has to be our first priority. It might take some doing to finally be able to accomplish that but it is worth it when we can finally be on the right path.