Creating our own paradise

As we are looking to improve our lives we need to start with the basics. Listening to our own patterns, for example listening to that broken record that is playing 24 – 7 in our head. When we are starting to correct ourselves when we are on the slipping rope of negativity that is when we stop in our tracks and correct our thoughts from negative to positive.  This helps us to change our patterns. It might take time and we can be exhausted at the beginning but when we are learning to do that it becomes part of our life.

We can only attract in our lives what we are projecting in our thoughts. The universe cannot make the difference between venting and what we wish to materialize.

When we are ready to embrace our spirit, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. Having challenged myself in the process of becoming a trailblazer. Being challenged to stay centered when the outer condition is not ideal.

Reminding ourselves during the process to just breathe, not willing to give up our dreams but instead being open to embrace the changes that come to us when the universe and perfect synchronicity works its’ magic.

Living a life of a thousand is being open to learn from our own mistakes and successes. Not willing to let anyone rain on our parade even if at times, we feel like we are walking alone.

Doing a spring cleaning in our own life is taking away the weeds and letting the seeds in our field of dreams grow and blossom so we can harvest our own aspirations.

We can create so much beauty in our world, so much joy and happiness. Nothing is more inspiring when we start to see miracles in our lives. Being humbled and grateful for what we have and what is coming.