Making the right decision

Letting the past go does not mean we have to forgot what has happened to us. From a betrayal…. to being cheated on. We have to learn our life lessons, but we should not close our eyes on them either. Keeping our mind clear of anger and resentment gives us the ability to see clearly what is in front of us.

When you are open to do that and accept that you cannot change the past, you can at least change your next experience by avoiding falling for the same trap that is in front of you. Not accepting to go back on the ride from hell just because we think it will have a different outcome.

It is just utopia at its best, being honest and authentic to our spirit by welcoming the changes we can make in our personal life as well as professional. We do not have to become part of the robot’s world. We are not “yes sir, no sir” we are our own unique self.

We are living our lives to the fullest as we are learning to walk on our own path. Having lived a life of a thousand I have learned to pace myself but also recognize when I made a mistake or took the wrong path. Accepting I cannot change what has happened but knowing I will not repeat it again.

Being strong to face the storms in front of us, understanding changes in our lives is for our highest good. Even if we feel like letting people go can be difficult, but when we know they are not here to help us, it is best to part ways so we can live a peaceful life.

Never having any regrets when it comes to make the right choice.