Cleaning up our circle of light

We can feel upset when we are faced with the signs that someone in our lives is not for our highest good. From trying to out stage you when you are in public to leak your private life.

We can ignore those signs until one day we have enough. So, what do we do? Should we explode in a rage that will trigger more negativity in our lives? Or shall we take a step back to stay centered and whole before speaking with that individual.

Learning to cut the cord and let go of those individuals requires us to stay whole and grounded. If we are keeping our head focused on the present without letting our ego in it. We can finally free ourselves without sending a massive amount of negative energy into the world.

We should not keep people in our lives that are not for our highest good. People that will hurt us because they are too focused on their own world. Not having any boundaries but instead pushing us to the limits of disrespect.

We can fight back, or we can just learn to let go and walk away. Our circle of light is composed of people who are there for our highest good. Having empathy towards us and caring when we are challenged by our outer condition.

Having a stable group of people who really care about us and hear us is essential, so we do not feel like we are invisible each time we are communicating with them.

Life has so much more to teach us when people of all walks of life are coming onto our path. Listening to our spirit when it is telling these persons are not here for your own good. Stopping ourselves from giving second chances to people who are not for our highest good.

It is better to have a small group of people that really care about us than a bigger group of people who are self-centered and could care less about us.