Learning to be who we truly are

Telling a new story is to learn to change our own patters. Starting to see life in a different way. Being open to learn our life lessons but also letting our imagination run free.

Waking up the magician in us to finally create the next experience we went. I have seen and experience so much, fought every step of the way to learn to live my life to the fullest.

Seeking my life purpose by going into the unknown, listening to my spirit to guide me along my journey. Keeping an open heart and asking the universe to watch over me.

Even though I have experienced betrayals and deceptions that could have turned my heart into stone, I decided to not let the sourness and resentment fill my heart and spirit.

It is difficult, at times, when we are dealing with people or situations that are not for our highest good. Instead of bursting into something that is not for our highest good learn to keep ourselves grounded and at peace by listening to mediation.

Taking the time to step back and listening to our heart’s desires. Willing to do the extraordinary instead of staying ordinary by going on our own path.

Creating a world of will inspiring others, giving back to the community by sharing time or money. Giving back by sharing what we do not need so others can benefit.

Listening to our spirit, learning to give back, understanding we are unique spirits. Learning to co-create, filling our hearts with hope and dreams. Being able to push our own self beyond the limits of the illusional world of the ego.

Being open to feel the love, pain and sorrow to become the better part of us. We are willing to open our hearts when we are ready to live our lives to the fullest. Never going back but always pushing our boundaries beyond our own expectations.