Believing in our path

Miracles are happening in our lives, sometimes we must wait a little longer before they come true. From wanting money to come to us to a job or a mate. Life can be challenging but keep your eyes on the prize. Going through our own challenges we have to keep in mind we are not doing it alone.

With the support of the universe we can overcome it. It might take some adjustment in our lives, but we can do it. Having faith and hope leading us to safety, being amazed with the wonders of the world. Everything will come in perfect synchronicity.

Feeling the weight of our shoulders lifted when finally, miracles are happening for us. Being grateful and humbled to realized we have not been forgotten and the universe has our back.

It is the kind of momentum that shows us we are on the right path. Being patient is the key when all the pieces of the puzzle that is our life is assemble for us to move on.

These kinds of situations are happening to everyone around the world, at one point in time we had to learn to become creative in our own way.

Keep moving forward and asking support from the universe. I have lived a thousand lives, but it wasn’t an easy road. Learning to navigate the raging river that is my life. Keeping myself focused on my own goals when the outer condition was not showing any signs of improvement or movement on the right path.

Being determined to keep my spirits higher, feeling alone in the world of the ego while trying to find my own way. Knowing I was different and did not belong where I was. Feeling at times distraught because the world I was living in wasn’t what I wanted for myself to achieve joy.

It took courage and faith in my spirit to turn things around and finally move on in my correct path.