Keeping ourselves grounded

Learning from past experiences should remind us sometimes it is better to not accept help from people who are not there for your highest good. When faced with the horrifying circumstance we still have to learn to ground ourselves and see what we can do to take the right path.

Having lived a thousand lives, it is not an easy road to walk on, but we should not let anyone rain on our parade. Keeping ourselves grounded instead of feeling we just got betrayed by someone again. Being able to realize that some people will come into our lives for a short period of time.

We still can learn to try not to fall into pitfalls that may lay in front of us. Instead keeping our eyes wide open while listening to our own spirit. Those are times when we can learn more about who we truly are and how we can co-create.

Life has so much more to offer when we are willing to let the universe into our hearts. There are so many people that can change our lives for the better. But in order to have them coming into our lives we need to be open to let the world lead us in the right way.

Finding our true circle of friends will come as we are moving on our path. Nothing is impossible if we are willing to walk into the unknown. Be open to accepting the genuine offers that are given to us via the way of perfect synchronicity from the universe.

Keep our thoughts on happy endings even if somedays it is harder to lift up our spirit. There is always a silver lining, it is up to us to find it. Keeping our spirit intact and having faith everything will turn out all right.