Keeping our hearts open while grieving

Finding the peace in our heart can be difficult when we are mourning the loss of a loved one. It might even turn, during the healing process, from denial to anger. Letting that anger feaster in our heart does not help us.

Instead it is poisoning our body, mind, and spirit; we need to learn to move passed that stage. The healing process can take, sometimes, even years. Understanding where we are in the process helps us to control our emotions.

Feeling the emptiness in our heart and lives, we cannot let be filled with more desolation. We have to keep our spirit grounded. It is not pleasant at all to go through that process becoming aware of our own triggers can helps us.

During this difficult time, we need to surround ourselves with our circle of light for support. Knowing they will also respect our privacy in these challenging times. We must try to keep the communication going so we do not close ourselves off from the world.

Often, we are feeling isolated in our sorrow, we are forgetting to reach out for help. We do not have to do it alone. Feeling the emptiness in our heart we have to learn to make sense in our minds of what has just happened.

We have to keep in mind, even though they have left our plain, it doesn’t mean they are not by our side. We cannot see them with our own eyes, but we can if we are open to hear them or feel them near us. Keeping our heart open and letting the connection of the universe guide us in our journey.

Knowing we are going to see them when it will be time for us to cross over. We can continue to honor their lives by celebrating them every day. They are never far from us and will be happy to help us in our journey