Keeping opportunity open

Leaving our family behind while following our dreams is not an easy thing to do. But when we know deep in our heart that listening to our spirit can be scary to take a leap of faith especially when we know what our heart desires.

On the other hand it is an amazing journey to take when we are going on our own path. Life has so much more to offer but also, we have to face our own challenges to peel each layer of our spirit.

Knowing yourself is the most incredible gift you can ever have. It will guide you to make the right decisions from mate, job and friendship. Knowing right away what is for your highest good and what is not.

It is a miracle when people know exactly what they are willing to become, taking one step closer to their own dreams. Being willing to have their lives be put upside down to become the better part of themself.

We have no limits when it comes to creativity, so why not use it to experience something new? We do not have to limit ourselves or even set ourselves to failure if we are listening to our spirit.

Life can be challenging. But with the help of the universe we can become co-creators. Learning to surrender what we would like to archive but also what we can do to let perfect synchronicity work its’ magic.

Keeping our dreams alive by letting our imagination infuse us with bold dreams. Feeling we already having it, not willing to settle for less than what we deserve.

Making the world a better place by listening to our spirit. Keeping our heart open to connect with the universe. Unleashing the magic and opportunities for us to change our lives for the better.

We have so much more to become when we are willing to go into the unknown. Opening the doors of creativity to finally experience what is best for us.