In time of uncertainty

Living in a world of turmoil without being able to get out of it is scary. Having to face the changes the world is experiencing can be frightening especially when those changes are not for our highest good. Feeling our freedom and free speech are being muzzled in the name of an illusion.

We can feel powerless in the face of adversity but keeping faith and our goals in the forefront we can overcome the illusional world. We are in times of uncertainty but by keeping ourselves grounded and focusing on what is for our highest good we can find the peace we need.

Creating a world of peace starts with us, we cannot expect a time of peace if we are not finding our own “havre de paix”. It might require us to dig deep inside of us to finally find it. In a world that is in chaos mode there is nothing we can do to find happiness.

Keep on minding our own business is key for us to not only keep the peace around us but also start to archive our dreams. Nothing is more important to finally live our life to the fullest. Living a thousand lives is to welcome our world of opportunity to open up, so we can finally reach our wildest dream.

A time of reflection is always welcome when we are in the midst of a turmoil. We are experiencing so many feelings right now we have to learn to keep our spirit guiding our life. Not letting our ego taking over so we do not burst into a rant or losing our temper for the action of others.

Keeping ourselves in check to see how we feel during the day helps us to stay grounded. We have to tread carefully as we are living in a time of turmoil but we should not feel we cannot express our own thoughts under the pretense of being labeled something we are not just because our ideas are not in agreement with the illusional world of the ego.