Facing challenges in our lives

Finding our own life purpose can be challenging. Some people at a young age know what they would like to be when they grow up. Some, however, like me had no idea at all.

Just navigating through the childhood to teenage years, feeling the pressure of my mother on my shoulders, hanging at me to do something I didn’t want to do, but I would do it  just to get her off my back. Not knowing in my late teens what I was going to become.

I kept my dreams moving forward having understood my entire life I wasn’t in the right place. I made the leap of faith to take the opportunity that came to me and finally I set myself free.

It took years to finally find what I was seeking; by way of detours I learned my life lessons. With a determined spirit I learned to overcome the obstacles that were in front of me.

I had no idea what I would accomplish nor how it would be done. I let the universe guide me along my journey. Making the impossible, possible, keeping the world of the ego at bay while I was pursuing my life.

Feeling like an odd duck at times but focusing only on what I could do to finally find one more piece of the puzzle that is my life. We have to be brutally honest when we are living our lives through our spirit.

As the journey unfolded, I kept my imagination guiding me. It is difficult at times when you feel your outer condition does not match what we have in mind. But keeping our mind grounded we must be able to see where we are and let our imagination elevate our energies.

When we are living our life to the fullest, we are going to, at some point, be facing our own storms. We have to keep our mind focused on our goals.